Public Transport Escalator
Public Transport Escalator

Multiple Safety Protection VVVF Drive High-performance Traction Machine Escalator

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Multiple Safety Protection VVVF Drive High-performance Traction Machine Escalator
Multiple Safety Protection VVVF Drive High-performance Traction Machine Escalator




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Multiple Safety Protection VVVF Drive High-performance Traction Machine Escalator series public transport escalator, support 30degree inclined angle. It has safety glass balustrade and this can save many space. It is very popular for indoor condition in current market. By detecting passengers flow and automatically adjusting the speed curve, HOSTING escalator can achieve effective energy saving in the whole process of its operation. By detecting DC busbar voltage of the driver and automatically feeding regenerated energy of the system back to the power grid, HOSTING greatly improves its energy saving effects.
Safety devices are provided at each component of the escalator. The control system has significant device testing and powerful fault diagnosis capability and improves safety performance of the escalators in an overall way.

It is a kind of motor-powered vertical lift with a box- shaped pod.


Passengers can appreciate all scenery inside with at least a transparent cabin. So it is popular in occasions for architectural displays.


v Eco-Friendly & Energy-Saving & Noiseless

v Stability & Safety

v Perfect Technology

v Smooth & Flexible & Durable

v Easy to Maintain

v For Airports, Shopping Malls and Large Municipal Projects





Hotels, Shopping Malls & Commercial Buildings


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Hosting Elevator always following market requirement to convince our users around the world with quality products and satisfactory service.
Establishing a sound marketing service network and participates in different exhibitions all over the world , we are now wining 125 agents at home and 25 agents on abroad throughout the world’s major emerging markets.
Multiple Safety Protection VVVF Drive High-performance Traction Machine Escalator series escalator can afford 9000 passengers per minute. As it supports VVVF function, it can save 15% to 20% electricity during its life time compared with other manufacturers’ products. High grade level processed warm gearbox can working for more than 10years. The control system can be connected with customer’s monitoring system via RS485 or BAS port, in order to carry out real-time monitoring of escalator operation fault message. This is very convenient to the escalator, maintenance and suit to demands of modern intelligent building control system.
By applying variable-frequency drive technology specially designed for the escalator and using new generation of AC vector controller-voltage regulator-speed governor technology, the escalators can achieve smooth and stable transition during automatic acceleration and deceleration adjustment and travels more stably, giving better comfort.

Multiple Safety Protection VVVF Drive High-performance Traction Machine Escalator series commercial escalator:



Speed m/s
















According to the different characteristics of buildings and the requirements, various machine models are available for selection. It has been the best choice for transporting cargo in factories, warehouses, department store buildings, logistics centers and other units.

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