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We are a residential/home elevator manufacturer and supplier from China. We provide residential elevator solutions to users around the world under any environment. Our solutions are chosen to meet any of your needs. We are committed to tailor-made floor transportation solutions for our customers.
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Top Elevator Manufacturer in China

As a leading manufacturer of home/residential elevators, we provide high-quality and cost-effective products to real estate developers and dealers around the world plan.The one-stop service from installation to maintenance can meet the mobility needs of various applications from residential to commercial and shopping malls to airports. Our solutions for your building range from highly standardized functions to fully customized elevators.


Download our home elevator PDF to learn about our high-end home elevator products. Fill in the relevant information and let us serve you better!

View our PDF, view our home elevators in 360°!

High-quality Solutions:

  1. Environmentally friendly, safe and durable

  2. High-end customization, proficient in all types of elevators

  3. Original quality, no need for secondary decoration

  4. A model of aesthetics, perfect integration of technology and aesthetics


High-quality Solutions

High-end Configuration

High-end Configuration

  1. High-performance host, more stable and more comfortable

  2. Smart control cabinet, noiseless and quieter

  3. Variable frequency door, intelligent adjustment, smooth and quiet


Perfect Home Elevator Protection

  1. Elevator emergency leveling to ensure that passenger leave safely

  2. One-key dialing, one-key call for help in emergencies

  3. Multiple protections, all-round guarding of access and travel

Perfect Home Elevator Protection

Extemlely Comfortable Experience

Extemlely Comfortable Experience

  1. Ultra-quiet operation, effective sound insulation and noise reduction

  2. Shock-absorbing car bottom improves ride comfort

  3. Air purification, introducing air purification system


Smart Elevator Design

  1. Internet of Things service, real-time detection of elevator status

  2. Intelligent call elevator makes it more convenient and only

  3. Intelligent maintenance, active monitoring, big data reminds maintenance

Smart Elevator Design


Flexible Customized Solutions

Flexible Customized Solutions

Hosting provides flexible customized solutions for home residential elevators, and provides elevators suitable for a variety of building structures, with a variety of types, series, and styles to choose from.


Reason to Choose Us

We have been manufacturing elevators for 30 years, have strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and know the preferences of customers around the world.
Our agents are located all over the world and are committed to serving our customers faster and better.
We are proud of our work, and we are constantly updating, developing, and designing our customers' ideal elevators.
We provide high-quality home residential elevators with competitive prices and complete after-sales service.
Environmentally friendly, safe and durable. Original quality, no need for secondary decoration.
More stable and more comfortable. Intelligent adjustment, smooth and quiet.
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Our Certificates

Hosting has been deeply involved in the elevator field for many years. Hosting closely follows the development of the industry, deeply understands the trend of the times, and has a number of certifications in the industry.


How much does a home elevator cost?
Many factors affect the final installation cost of an elevator. You do need to contact Hosting Elevator's sales for an accurate cost estimate.
You can read the elevator price guide to consider your budget.
What kind of guarantee or guarantee is provided?
Most residential elevator manufacturers offer a 2- or 3-year limited parts warranty. Hosting Elevator complements the manufacturer's warranty by offering a limited 1-year labor warranty on all of our installations.
What kind of interior can I get?
There are many interior options to choose from. Let your own taste be your guide. If you choose the standard cab with unfinished hardwood veneer, you can paint or stain it any color you want. You can also add architectural details with your own finish carpenter to truly personalize your home elevator. The modern look of the glass car is also available.
What will my home elevator look like?
Typically, the exterior of an elevator shaft will look just like all the other interior walls and doors in your home. Aside from the lobby button station located on the wall near the doorknob and the interlock located inside the door itself, you can't even tell it's an elevator until you open it!
What are the elevator standards and what are the options?
In addition to construction and site preparation, everything you need to have a spec-compliant, safe, working elevator (including shipping, sales tax, installation, wiring for elevator controls, and license fees) is included in your delivery by Hosting's sales staff. It is entirely up to the homeowner if any options or upgrades are required.
What option is recommended?
Any options you choose are at your own discretion. Working closely with Hosting's salespeople will help you understand which options are best for you, your lifestyle, and your home design. The most important thing is to make sure the elevator is sized and functional to meet your needs now and in the future.
How big does the shaft need to be?
You need to confirm your elevator type and specification with Hosting's sales staff in order to help you confirm the hoistway size.
Example: For a standard 36" wide x 48" deep (internal clear) elevator, with all doors on the same side, a 52" wide x 56" deep clear internal shaft is usually required.
How long does it take to manufacture an elevator?
Manufacturing can take 4 to 8 weeks after we release the unit for production by sending the "approved" elevator shop drawings back to the manufacturer. Some special order models may take longer.
How long does it take to install an elevator?
The answer depends on the construction or remodeling progress of your home. Usually, our installers can do most of the work quickly, usually 3-5 days in total on site. However, if site prep work is still in place that prevents us from completing the lift, it may not be consecutive days when we Will return at a later date. Some examples of such items include: unhung hoistway doors, unfinished wall finishes, or unready for electricity and telephone service. Additionally, elevators must be inspected and approved by a local or state elevator inspector before they can be put into operation. The inspection itself is usually done towards the end of the building project, just before the "final inspection" by the local building inspector. In addition to the completion of the elevator installation,
How deep does the pit need to be?
Most home elevators require a pit depth of 9"-12" - below the top of the basement, but this depends on the style, model and brand of elevator. Although, too deep is better than too shallow. For more information, please contact Hosting's salesperson.

Core configuration

Toothless traction machine

  • VLA series elevator adopts DianaIV series rare-earth permanent magnet toothless traction machine and adopts low-speed, high-torque three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive method, which has the advantages of low energy consumption, low noise, no pollution and less maintenance.

  • DianaIV series rare earth permanent magnet toothless traction machine adopts single winding structure, small size and compact structure, which fully meets the needs of other wall elevator design.

  • The working voltage is 220V, so there is no need to match the sound and power without matching problems. The household electricity consumption is small, energy saving and low consumption.

VLA elevator door machine

  • The special three-phase asynchronous motor system is adopted to greatly improve the sensitivity of the ladder door switch.

  • The control system uses an all-in-one machine for more reliable operation.

  • The special interface is used to connect with the elevator system, and the wiring is more convenient; at the same time, the asynchronous door knife is used for safety and convenience.


Our advantage

  • 8 categories of full series elevator manufacturing capabilities

  • China's top 10 elevator manufacturing companies

  • 24-hour global after-sales service

  • Core components self-development

  • Industry-leading automatic elevator production line


Who we serve

  • Elevator company

  • Elevator distributor

  • Elevator trading company

  • Elevator Sales Representative

  • Elevator Agent

  • Construction unit

Elevators provide easy access to all floors of the house. This feature can make people's lives easier every day or even years to come. An elevator is an investment that can increase the value of a property by 10%, and its uniqueness will make the house stand out from the others.

Reminder: Please inform the parameters and purpose of the elevator you need. We can provide you with a detailed quote

Residential Home Elevators: Guide to FAQ

As more and more home elevators enter our houses, more and more people hope to install elevators for their houses to facilitate their lives or improve the property value.
Today we answer some frequently asked questions about residential home elevators.


1. How much does a residential home elevator cost?

On average, a residential elevator can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $60,000, depending on the floor to be served, the configuration of the elevator car, and other considerations. Prices include taxes, license fees, shipping and installation fees. You will pay $5,000 to $40,000 for the equipment and $1,000 to $20,000 for the installation. The price largely depends on the type. Outdoor lifts range from $2,000 to $10,000, while pneumatic vacuum types range from $35,000 to $60,000.

Listed below are some of the parameters that affect home elevator pricing:

  • The number of floors (stops) the elevator will serve.

  • The type of machine to be used (compact winding cable reel, overhead winding cable reel, overhead pulling, rope hydraulic or vacuum).

  • The total number of feet the elevator will travel.

  • The number of door openings in the elevator car.

  • Cab Size: Standard (36"W x 48"D) or larger cab size.

  • Cab Interior: Standard or optional custom cab interior upgrades.

  • Any other options such as raised panel cab, power door, power door, etc.



2. What is the difference between cable reels, traction, pneumatic vacuum and hydraulic drives?

residential home Elevator

Types of Home Elevators

The most suitable type of building/Features

Cable-driven elevator

New building

Chain drive elevator

Space-saving and durable

MRL elevator

New Construction, Durability and Existing Homes

Hydraulic elevator

Save space

Pneumatic elevator

Existing house with basement



3. What kind of interior can I get with my residential home elevator?

There are so many interiors to choose from.

Hosting's home residential elevators can provide a variety of different choices and combinations from elevator types, specifications, car doors, car interiors, lighting and other aspects.

There is no doubt that you let your own preferences be your guide and choose your preferred style. Of course, you can also provide your own design style.

residential home elevator


4. What does it take to install a home elevator elevator?

residential home elevator


In addition to the construction site for your residence, you need to have everything you need for a compliant, safe elevator (including shipping, sales tax, installation, wiring for elevator controls and permits including associated costs).


5. The difference between residential home elevator and home elevator


Unlike stair lifts, which can only carry one person, elevators are usually designed to carry two people, and some are designed for wheelchair users or up to three people. Again, this type of product is great for people with walkers. Residential elevators are also considered more reliable than stair lifts, and while lifts are often a cheaper alternative, stair lifts are more prone to failure and require frequent repairs and maintenance, which increases the overall cost of the product. By installing a residential elevator, homeowners can stay at home longer without having to "indent" a potentially expensive, disruptive and emotional bungalow. Not only can a home elevator be a stylish accessory for any home, it can also add value to the property, making it a worthwhile investment.


6. How big is the hoistway for a home elevator?

As for the hoistway size of a home elevator, it is related to the home elevator manufacturer you choose and the final required specifications.

For example: a standard 1.2m wide x 1.1m deep (internally transparent) elevator, with all doors on the same side, opening the door in the middle, usually requires a 1.55m wide x 1.35m deep transparent internal shaft.


7. How long does it take to manufacture an elevator?

Manufacturing can take 4 to 8 weeks after we release the unit for production by sending the "approved" elevator shop drawings back to the manufacturer. Some special order models may take longer

Full "approval" requires the homeowner or contractor/builder and elevator project manager to verify all hoistway dimensions and confirm all elevator features and options on-site. All of these choices are recorded on elevator blueprints called "shop drawings." The "Approval Letter" is then signed by the builder, owner and elevator project manager.


8. How long does it take to install an elevator?

The answer depends on the construction or remodeling progress of your home. Usually, installers can do most of the work quickly, usually 3-5 days in total on site. However, if site preparation still prevents us from completing the elevator, it may not be consecutive days, when we will get in conditions After that, proceed to construction. Some examples of such items include: unhung hoistway doors, unfinished wall finishes, or unready for electricity and telephone service.


9. What size home elevator does a wheelchair need?

It depends on the size of the wheelchair. The minimum recommended cab size is 36" wide x 48" deep. However, over the years we have seen a trend towards wheelchairs getting bigger, so bigger is better when it comes to wheelchairs.

Of course, most of the home elevators designed by Hosting can accommodate wheelchairs well.

residential home elevator

residential home elevator


10. Does a home elevator need a machine room? How big does it need to be?

It depends on the type of elevator you end up choosing.

But one thing is certain, most of the home elevators on the market, except for hydraulic elevators, which require special space and room as a machine room to place elevator equipment, most of the others do not need a machine room, and often solve related problems by reserving space at the top or bottom. question.


11. Do I need a framed wall to support the elevator?

Frame requirements vary for each elevator model, here we will give you four different types of elevator layouts.

residential home elevator


12. Are home elevators accessible from any direction?

Most elevators can be customized or choose the number and orientation of car doors, you can communicate with your manufacturer specifically about your needs.


13. How often do home elevators need repairs?

Home elevators are important large electrical devices, just like cars, they are closely related to our quality of life. So sometimes, you may need to service it. There are many different service plans. Seasonal, semi-annual, oil and grease or full maintenance. Please contact Service for current prices.

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