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Hundreds of thousands of hosting elevator service projects in China.


Ningbo Metro-523 sets elevator escalator Ningbo no.1 Hospital - 145 sets elevator escalator Ningbo Exhibition Center-15 elevator with 3ms


North Square of Ningbo Railway Station -  18 sets escalator Kunming International Trade City - 274 sets elevator escalator Shaanxi Yitel Hotel


China - Anhui Huacheng International (39 sets) China - Bengbu Qingdaderen China - Baoji Millennium Times Square


China - Anhui Huacheng International (39 sets) China - Bengbu Qingdaderen China - Baoji Millennium Times Square


China - Baoji Sunshine Bai Cui Garden  China - Beijing Qinghe Community China - Chengdu Jinlong Square


China - Chengdu Mingyue Jinyuan Residential Quarter (62 sets) China - Chengdu Shengshijiayuan China - Chengdu Yuzhen Peninsula Community


China - Dali West Business Center China - Dali International City China -Dalian Bihai Mall


China - Texas Ginza Mall China - Ningbo Guohua Building (Southern Business District) China - Harbin Taipinghu Township


China - Hami Red Star International City China - Haodixiyue City Fruit China - Henan Baligou Scenic Area


China - Henan Tiansheng Yujing Phase II China - Evergrande Decoration Market China - Ningbo Hengyi Square


China - Pujia Lanting (84 sets EMA series) China - Hubei Tongshan Jiahe City China - Inner Mongolia Binhe Yujing (30 sets)


China - Shandong Liaocheng Shui An International (21 stes) China - Shandong Weifang Longines Bend (22 sets) China - Yantai Dongmutang Community, Shandong Province (18 stes)


China - Guangdong Huizhou Fuli Jiayuan (32 sets) China - Jiangxi Yinzhou Nankang Shanghui Square (28 sets) China - Siming Industrial Park in the East  Sea (82 sets)


China - Jilin International Trade City Escalator (30 sets) China - Municipal government on both sides of the Minjiang River China - Jiangxi Yongzheng Haoyuan


China - Kunming Snail Bay Center China - Kunming Township Duck Lake China - Kunming Medical University Xinyuan


China - Dandong Yaju Taoyuan, Liaoning China - Huzhou Jiangnan New District Residential Elevator (79 sets) China - Ningbo Romon Building (Southern Business District)


China - Nanchang Roman Holiday China -Ningbo Qiuai Community China - Ningbo First People's Hospital


China - Ningbo Oriental Lido China - Ningbo Rail Transit China - Ningbo National High-tech Zone Binjiang


China - Ningbo Gold Building China - Ningbo Jiuhejing·Yayuan China - Ningbo Lotte Digital Plaza (8 sets)


China - Ningbo Luomeng Universal City China - Ningbo South Railway Station North Square Escalator Sightseeing Elevator (18 sets) China - Ningbo Century Community


China - Ningbo Tianlun Square China - Ningbo Tianyi Gome Electrical Appliance China - Ningbo Wanhe Community


China - Ningbo Weike Upper House China - Ningbo Modern Mall China - Ningbo Xinhe Chenguang


China - Ningbo Zhaobaoshan Square China - Ningbo Zhehai Commercial Plaza China - Ningbo Zhongzhou Banyan Bay


China - Ningbo Pei Luocheng Commercial Plaza China - Puhe Community China - Ningbo Sun and Moon Constellation 


China - Xiamen Industrial Park China - Xiamen Siming Garden China - Shandong Ginza Mall escalator (42 sets)


China - Shandong Moon Bay Luxury Residence (29 sets) China - Shandong Longcheng Square China -Shandong Yimeng Jiayuan Residential Ladder (29 stes)


China - Shaanxi Hanshui Mingcheng Yuefu China - Shaanxi Baoji Yujing Nanshan Villa (127 sets) China - Shaanxi Dongxing Garden


China - Zhongcheng International Zhonggang City China - Shaanxi Juxing Taoyuan Washington China - Shaanxi Yuanda International Home City


China - Shenzhou Knitting Co., Ltd. China - Taiping Lake Township China - Vikron Bay House


China - Weifang Yishuiyuan China - Weifang Yintong Community China - Wuhu Mingzhu Square, Wuhu City


China - Wuhan Hechang Real Estate China - Wuhan Taojialing Industry and Trade China - Wuhan Xinchengda Technology Co., Ltd.


China - Gansu Zunning Commercial Building China - Gansu Shandan County Tsinghua Park (24 sets) China - Shaanxi Heyi Hotel (2 sets)


China - Shaanxi Sanmenxia Spring City (36 sets) China - Xinjiang Hami Red Star International City(63 sets) China - Sichuan Happiness Court


China - Jiangnan New District, Luzhou, Sichuan (81 sets) China - Sichuan Yibin Hengxu Group(46 sets) China - Xishuangbanna Tiancheng Hotel


China - Xuchang Shilipu New Home China - Youngor China - Youngor Convention Center


China - Yawei Jinzun family China - Asian Paper China - Zhangzhou Panhuo Oriental Lido


China - Ningbo Yinzhou District affordable housing China - Zhangzhou Xiaying Yangjiang Waterfront Residential Quarter China - Zhangjiakou Guanxi International Commercial Plaza


China - Changfeng Community China - Zhenhai Refinery obervation elevator-3ms 1600KG 268 meters high

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