Overseas Projects

Tens of thousands of hosting elevator service projects in the world.


Lalo Mexcio-11 elevator with 4ms Portal Metrolinea Piedecuesta Bucaramanga Plaza de las americas shopping center Bogota-15 elevators 10 moving walk
4 ICESI University Cali -2 elevators 5 Hampton by hilton Bucaramanga Colombia 6 Best western Irazu hotel Costa Rica
7 Albrook mall Panama-11 elevators 25 escalators 8 Puntacero Mexico-14 elevator with 3.5ms & 6 escalator Kano Nigeria


Chipichape shopping center Cali -16 escalators Burano stage 2 Cartagena-9 elevators International Hotel-6 elevators


Uganda Majestic Risaralda-20 elevators Medical center Imbanaco Cali-8 elevators 2 escalator


Millenium business tower Bucaramanga-7 elevators Nave 01 Mexico-16 elevator 8 escalator Playa manzanillo estelar hotel Cartagena-6 elevators


Proyash project Bangladesh Salitre plaza shopping center Bogota 14 escalator 4 moving walk Sama Al Nakheel 4 sets


Saqqara Mexcio-8 sets elevator with 3.5ms Mexico - BOSQUE REAL - 3.5 m/s - 4 Elevators Mexico - TORRES MORADAS - 3.5 & 2.5m/s - 10Elevators


Mexico - ANCORA SATELITE - 2.0 m/s - 28 Elevators MRL Stairs el tigre Venezuela Traki Venezuela


Airport SSK 2 Pekanbaru, Escalator and MRL Lift Airport SSK 2 Pekanbaru Bosque Real


Colombia Automatic Car Elevator Colormbia-ed 17-103-4 Units Elevator Colormbia-oviedo-8 Units Elevator


Colormbia-salitre Plaza-10 Units Escalator Colormbia-santamaria Del Poral-5 Units Elevator Costa Rica-shopping Mall-3 Units Elevator 4 Units Escalator


Cuba-plaza America Ecuador Bosque Santa Ecuador-ambar De Este


Chile Miramonte Hotel Jagua-guba Hotel Jagua Hotel Santika


ZARA 060  Spanish Escalator Project IB tienda—Spain


Ibis styles-Indonesia Indonesia-raya Plaza-2 Units Elevator 12 Units Escalator Indonesia-raya Plaza-4 Units Elevator 6 Units Escalator


Iran-shopping Center -2 Units Elevator 12 Units Escalator Jakarta Indonesia-teraskota -6 Units Elevator 6 Units Escalator Malaysia-five-star Hotel-5 Units Elevator


Malaysia-landscape Apartment-6 Units Elevator Palacio De Justicia Panama-shopping Mall-6 Units Escalator


Panama-zara 018-10 Units Escalator Peru Vita Apartamento Rodeo Verde


South Africa-shopping Mall-6 Units Elevator 6 Units Elevator Sta Ana 053 Venezuela-entertainment Center-8 Units Escalator

Let your project also run the Hosting elevator this year.

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