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Commercial elevator

Commercial elevator
Commercial elevator



Whether you need a commercial elevator for office buildings or an elevator for supermarkets, Hongsting Elevator can provide you with the most satisfactory commercial elevator solution. No matter what your needs are, we are your professional commercial elevator manufacturer.

Commercial elevator specifications

  • Elevator speed: 2.m/s,2.5m/s,3.0m/s,3.5m/s
  • Elevator capacity: 800kg,1000kg,1150kg,1350kg,1600kg
  • Occasion and scope of use: office building, high-rise building, commercial centre

Features of our commercial elevators

1. Efficient and 30% energy saving;
2. Humanized design, comfort and natural;
3. Double VVVF driver , stable and reliable;
4. Green environmental, automatic lighting of LED energy-saving lamp;
5. Low noise;
6. Top advance door operator system;
7. Remote monitor can follow commands from a long distance away;
8. Photocell protection. 

Structure of elevator

Dynamic system

Employ gearless permanent magnet synchronous traction machine which has compact structure and high power, then the efficiency can above 98%. Energy conservation, Stable start, Fully satisfy kinds of business building whose elevator is used frequently.

Control system

Efficient modular microcomputer control system can accelerate system of operation and motion efficiency. Shortly reaction, accurate fixed position, more stable incompleteness.

Door machine system

Light and quiet door inverter adopt a new-type variable-frequency speed control system which can automatically adjust output torque and make drive more conveniently. It also has high-sensitivity. Open and close quite stably.

Decoration of commercial elevators

Decoration of commercial elevators


Optional Cabin designs


Advantages of our commercial elevator

1. Elegant and stylish space, new feeling

Equipped with a large-height elevator car and LED illumination, the Hosting Commercial Elevator series elevator adopts popular liquid crystal human-machine interface and is designed with a fashionable and gorgeous appearance. The integration of technology and fashion brings you brand new enjoyable visual and tactual experience during the short lifting time. Various options of decoration are available or you can customize soft decoration according to the style of architecture, bringing your guests a sudden extraordinary feeling when step in.

2. Comfortable ride

VVVF elevator variable frequency drive technology adopts new-generation AC vector control technology and automatically generates elevator operation curve, and smooth transition of elevator leveling is achieved by elevator automatic acceleration and deceleration adjustment. This allows Our commercial elevators to run more steadily while providing enhanced comfort

3. Smart system,Reduce passenger waiting time

In the group control system, elevator  system dispatches elevators for you with fastest speed and highest efficiency. When all elevators in the group control system are under waiting status for a certain time, the group control system will start intelligent dispatching to improve operating efficiency of elevators, reduce your waiting time and improving your good mood 

  • Operating mode for rush hours: Meeting operating requirements of rush hours for public places such as office buildings
  • Balanced operating mode: Dispatching elevator with the principle of minimum waiting time and rapid elevator responses
  • Idle mode: When under idle status, elevators are distributed evenly in designated areas to ensure rapid and timely response to hall call

Commercial elevator function table

Basic Function
Emergency function
Alarm device(ALR)
Emergency lighting(URG-L)
Car alarm(BELL)
Computer room emergency electric operation(ERO)
Energy saving function
 Car lighting automatic control(LAC)
 Car fan automatic control(FAC)
 Stop service lock(KSS)
Matching function
Matching function Operating function
Parallel control(PAR-C)
Group control(ENC)
Fire operation(FBS)
Short story station run*(SFL-R)
Car air conditioning(ARC)
Security function
Safety contact plate protection(MSS-PT)
Special operation function Opening the door(DO-PR)
Security layer function(FFP)
Forced closing function(FCF)
Independent operation(ISC)
Interface Intelligent voice prompt(VLB)
ID card iden ii cation control*(ID-C)
VIP VIP service(DGS)
Emergency function
Automatic emergency evacuation(EMG-R)
Seismic operat on(EQO)
Energy saving function
Energy feedback*(ERY)
Intelligent control of car inner fan(FAN-IC)

Monitoring function

Car video surveillance(AVCC)
Community monitoring system(TEL-C)
Internet of things function#(IOT)
Pit water level monitoring#(WLM)
Building monitoring interface#(LMO)
1. plus"*" number of options, the need to confirm the factory before deciding whether to provide users with
2.with a”#”option to describe this function to the customer, and ultimately by the customer to determine whether the above work

Elevator Shaft plan

As an excellent elevator manufacturer, we can make the elevator you need for you
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