Elevator Maintenance: What You Need to Know

In any commercial building, elevator maintenance is an important investment. A medium-sized building alone can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars on elevators. With such a valuable asset, it is a good thing to have a clear plan to ensure proper elevator maintenance.
Our proactive and preventive elevator maintenance plan avoids breakdowns, expensive repairs and unplanned part replacements, thereby saving money and minimizing downtime.
The elevator is an extremely complex system, which requires maintenance parts and operating functions. This can only be done by qualified and well-trained technicians using the correct equipment and tools.
The maintenance details of different elevator products are different, but the general idea is the same. Let's take you to understand several important links of elevator maintenance.

Elevator Machine Room

The elevator machine room is the core part of the elevator system. It contains elevator traction machine, motor generator set or solid-state power supply and control equipment. Control equipment is an important part of the entire operating mechanism, which can control the speed and stability of each floor. Most of the daily maintenance work is carried out in the computer room. This includes routine maintenance of motors, generators, switches, contacts, brakes and controls.
Routine inspection and maintenance include: testing smoke detectors and fire alarm systems; checking the lubrication of system components; checking whether wires are worn or defective; removing all obstacles and checking to ensure that there is enough space for technicians.
When you have questions or problems in the machine room, you can contact the elevator manufacturer to get a suitable solution.

Elevator Shaft

The elevator shaft is the track on which the elevator runs. There are many mechanical structures of elevators, such as cables, switches, buffers, and safety devices. The hoistway pit is equipped with car and counterweight buffers, cable pulleys and tensioning devices, and limit switches. The top of the hoistway can be equipped with a speed-limiting mechanism and a limit switch to leave space for the safety of the elevator car top personnel. Most of these equipment and parts are inspected and repaired outside the elevator car and inside the elevator shaft. The elevator shaft is a very dangerous workplace, so for safety reasons, only qualified and professionally trained maintenance personnel can carry out elevator maintenance and repair work. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a maintenance plan and arrange for professional maintenance personnel to enter the maintenance regularly.
Regarding the detailed plan of elevator shaft maintenance, you can consult us to get a detailed plan.

Elevator Car

Under normal circumstances, the elevator car will adopt a fireproof and well-ventilated structure. The maintenance requirements of the elevator car include door panel clearance, car top emergency exit inspection, operating equipment, ventilation equipment, cable condition, bottom brake and safety equipment, etc. Therefore, most of the work needs to be done in the elevator shaft. Therefore, it is also necessary to arrange maintenance personnel to conduct inspections on a regular basis.
The floor in the elevator car needs to be cleaned and maintained every day to ensure that people can open and close by themselves, and pay attention to whether there is damage in the car. Check the control panel to confirm whether the emergency call can be quickly connected. And because of the large passenger flow, the floors in the elevator car must be changed more frequently than other floors. Maintenance of the floor and interior of the elevator car is usually the responsibility of the owner and the property.

Elevator Usage Evaluation

After the daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the elevator, the operation and use of the elevator should be evaluated. Including elevator response time, running speed, elevator door operation, elevator start and stop, elevator indicator lights, alarm system, communication equipment and other functions that affect the ride experience. This is very important to check whether regular maintenance has been carried out and the need for modification.

Mere maintenance is not enough. The elevator system review is conducted by professionals and should be more frequent than regular maintenance. The use of elevators requires the property to regularly compare the specifications of elevator manufacturers and evaluate the overall performance to determine whether maintenance is required or performance is insufficient.

Elevator Manufacturer Support

The original manufacturer of the elevator can solve the uncertainty and modernization needs of the existing elevator equipment. Under normal circumstances, reliable after-sales service and support will be provided.

Hosting Elevator is China's top elevator brand, established in 1993. Hosted as one of the top ten famous elevator brands in China. It is a professional elevator and escalator manufacturer integrating development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. We have a production base of more than 300,000 square meters, and the height of the test tower exceeds 165 meters. The maximum speed can reach 10 m/s. The first-phase production capacity has reached more than 20,000 sets/year. Fully able to customize the elevator you need. We provide comprehensive purchase and after-sales service.
If you have more questions, you can contact us for professional answers and solutions.
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