How to choose the right elevator?


Elevators have become more and more popular in the past few years because of the soaring number of multi-story buildings. However, many people do not know their options in elevators, so when they are in need of a purchase, it becomes a bit overwhelming. It is important to choose an elevator that combines good design with a standard technical specification.

In Vertechs, we are pleased to say that we can help you determine the correct elevator for your building. The technological advances are so great that they offer a variety of options for various buildings. The different types of elevators on the market include vacuum drive elevators, pull-type hydraulic drive elevators, wound-type roller lifts, no-tooth traction and counterweighing chain lifts.

For anyone who wants to buy an elevator, it is important to collect as much information as possible about the various models.

Classification of Elevator

In the past, most elevators had to be controlled through a centralized machine room. Today, some elevators do not require a machine room because they have built-in safety mechanisms. There are four main types of elevators: hydraulic, traction, machine room-less, and vacuum.

  1. Traction elevator

    This elevator has ropes running through wheels attached to a motor located above the shaft. The main function of the rope is to lift and lower the elevator car. It can be used both for mid to high rise applications and for travel speeds much faster than hydraulic elevators.

    Like other elevator types, the system uses a counterweight, which removes the weight of the passengers and car, making it easier for the motors to move the elevator load.

  2. Hydraulic lift

    Hydraulic lifts are usually supported by pistons placed at the bottom. The purpose is to push the elevator car up, while the electric motor pushes hydraulic fluid down the piston. When the elevator descends, the valve releases hydraulic oil from the piston. This type of elevator is mostly used in buildings with 2 to 8 floors and can only travel at a top speed of 200 feet per minute.

    The main reason for the popularity of hydraulic elevators is that they are less expensive to install and relatively low maintenance compared to other elevators.

    Hydraulic elevators use more energy because they use an electric motor that can defy gravity. You should check your hydraulic fluid regularly, as small leaks can easily lead to catastrophic events or become an environmental hazard.

  3. Machine room-less (MRL) elevators

    Most elevators are designed with a machine room located above the elevator shaft. This type of elevator has a machine installed in the override space and can only be accessed through the top of the elevator car when maintenance is required. This type of elevator can only travel 250 feet at 500 feet per minute.

    MRL elevators are becoming increasingly popular in mid-rise buildings because they save energy and require less space during construction.

  4. Vacuum (Pneumatic) Home Elevator

    Vacuum elevators do not use any cable or pulley system to operate. These pneumatic elevators operate according to the laws of nature. Made of polycarbonate and aluminum, this lift system is basically a tube sealed in a vacuum. The air below and above the elevator car aids in movement. elevator type

    When you press the up button, the system reduces the pressure above the tube, forcing the air pressure below to push the tube up. The opposite happens when you descend - the pressure below is minimized, forcing the elevator to descend.


How to choose an elevator?

Here are some key points to consider when buying an elevator for your building:

● Lift size and carrying capacity-many elevators are of a standard size of three feet four feet, although they can also be in larger sizes. It is important to consider the possibility that elevators carry special equipment such as wheelchairs, although this will require more weight capacity. In buildings with very little traffic, the 1000 pound weighs enough to carry heavy loads from one floor to another.

 Consider potential security risks-adequate security measures are required to reduce the likelihood of accidents. Important security options that should not be overlooked include installation of alarm systems, driving of indoor telephones, power failure backups, and relaxation chain braking systems.

 Elevator Drive System-the most popular driving system for home elevators is winding rollers, breaking the hydraulic and gear list. A modern winding roller elevator requires a very small room, if any whist of the balance chain drive the elevator may not need a room.

 Elevator Price-considering price is also very important. Elevator range from luxurious to more economical price. It is important to analyze the overall cost of elevators from purchase to installation and maintenance.

 Warranty option; It is important to purchase an elevator from a manufacturer that offers a good warranty.

 Elevator model-There are many different models on the market from different manufacturers. Consider a model that best suits your architectural design.

So now you know what to consider before you buy your elevator. In Hosting-elevator, we can happily discuss these choices with you and help you make the right decisions. We will not urge you to do something wrong, we hope you can fully understand your choice. So if you are looking for honest professional advice, in addition to great service and installation, then why not discuss your options with one of our friendly teams today.

Now, you can choose an elevator now: 

● Passenger Elevator 

● Home Elevator

● Observation Elevator

● Bed Elevator 

● Cargo Elevator 

● Escalator 

Recommendations for choosing an elevator manufacturer

1. Look at the factory and see if there are factory information and video pictures on the website. If this company is a factory, there will definitely be factory pictures and videos on the website.

2. After looking at the factory, look at the test tower, which is a sign of a good elevator factory's ability. Now the Chinese elevator market is in the stage of rectification. Any factory without a test tower is not qualified to produce elevators. The minimum lifting height of the test tower is generally above 60M.

3. Look at how many M/S speed elevators this company can make.

4. Does the company have a laboratory that tests the key parts of the elevator and also shows the strength of the elevator company?

5. Are there core products, such as mainframes, door systems, etc., which are manufactured by ourselves? The elevator masters the core technology to ensure the maintenance benefits of the agent.

6. The number of Internet elevators, and now the Internet is also the main assessment standard to verify the capabilities of a company. Small elevator companies generally do not have internet.

7. Is there a professional technical team and maintenance team that can support overseas sales

8. Do the elevator and other safety components have CE certification?

9. Elevator company annual sales and who are its main customers

10. The distribution range of overseas markets, the larger the market distribution, the greater the capacity of this elevator manufacturer.


Final Thoughts

Buying and installing an elevator for your building is a big investment. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable elevator manufacturer for cooperation, they can provide you with the most suitable elevator and after-sales service for you.

If you have questions when choosing an elevator.

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I like that you talk about the importance of checking the certifications of the companies you will be hiring. My dad works for a construction company and they are looking for an elevator contractor. Im so glad I came across your article and read some tips on choosing the right elevator company. I will definitely share this with him to see how it helps his business. 
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