Important Tips for Working with Local Lifts Manufacturers


Generally, choosing a local lift manufacturer to purchase an elevator is to make it easier to get service. Elevators are very important means of transportation in daily life and require quality service and maintenance to operate properly. Generally, customers choose a local lift manufacturer to work with.

Before hiring a local lift manufacturer, you should ask and understand some things clearly because their services will determine how to communicate with you and how to help you with maintenance and repairs. Many times the agreement between the local lift manufacturer and the customer is not balanced, so you should always determine the following questions and read the advice we give before working together.


How to choose an elevator

When purchasing elevators from a local elevator manufacturer, you must be clear about your needs. No matter which elevator manufacturer you end up with, choosing the right elevator is the most important thing.

  1. Elevator size and carrying capacity-The standard size of many elevators is three feet and four feet, but larger sizes can also be used. It is important to consider the possibility of elevators carrying special equipment (such as wheelchairs), although this will require more weight-bearing capacity. In buildings with little traffic, 1,000 pounds is enough to carry heavy objects from one floor to another.
  2. Consider potential safety risks-adequate safety measures need to be taken to reduce the possibility of accidents. Important safety options that should not be overlooked include the installation of an alarm system, driving the indoor phone, power failure backup, and a slack chain braking system.
  3. Elevator drive system-The most popular drive system for home elevators is rollers, breaking the list of hydraulics and gears. Modern winding roller elevators require a very small room. If there is any balance chain drive, the elevator may not need a room.
  4. Elevator price It is also important to consider the price. Elevators range from luxurious to more economical prices. It is important to analyze the overall cost of elevators from purchase to installation and maintenance.
  5. Warranty options; it is important to buy elevators from a manufacturer that provides a good warranty.
  6. Ladder Model-There are many different models produced by different manufacturers on the market. Consider the model that best suits your architectural design.

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How to choose a local elevator manufacturer

  1. Look at the factory and see if there are factory information and video pictures on the website. If this company is a factory, there will definitely be factory pictures and videos on the website.
  2. After seeing the factory, look at the test tower again. This is a sign of the elevator factory's ability. China's elevator market is now in a phase of consolidation. Any factory without a test tower is not qualified to produce elevators. The minimum lifting height of the test tower is generally above 60M.
  3. See how many M/S high-speed elevators this company can produce.
  4. Does the company have a laboratory to test the key parts of the elevator, which can also reflect the strength of the elevator company?
  5. Are there any core products manufactured by ourselves, such as mainframes, door systems, etc.? The elevator masters the core technology to ensure the maintenance benefits of agents.
  6. The number of Internet elevators, and now the Internet is also the main assessment standard for verifying a company's capabilities. Small elevator companies generally do not have the Internet.
  7. Is there a professional technical team and maintenance team that can support overseas sales
  8. Do safety components such as elevators have CE certification?
  9. The elevator company's annual sales and who are the main customers
  10. The distribution scope of overseas markets, the larger the market distribution, the greater the production capacity of this elevator manufacturer.

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4 things you must ask the local lift manufacturer

When looking at your intended local elevator manufacturer, you must ask four clear questions.

  1. Is there a fast service available?

    Fast service must be the first reason why many customers choose a local lift manufacturer. However, many local lift manufacturers are often delayed, either intentionally or unintentionally. Many local lift manufacturers are slow to repair elevators, send people late, and get them working occasionally during the week.

    A good local lift manufacturer should have an efficient call center that allows them to respond quickly to your problem within minutes of a broken elevator and give emergency response, and get a repair crew out to make repairs as quickly as possible. These local lift manufacturers don't need and shouldn't take days to repair your elevator. 

  2. Reliable Local lift Manufacturers

    Elevators are complex machines, but they operate in a predictable manner. When you discuss the problems you're having with your elevator with the local lift manufacturer you hire, do they understand what you're communicating? Do they promise to fix the problem and keep their promise on the first visit?

    Many elevator service local lift manufacturers talk a lot before they arrive, but only the most reliable and knowledgeable technicians will absolutely understand the problems you are experiencing and bring the tools and experience to solve them on the first visit. 

  3. How is their communication?

    As with auto mechanics and other technical fields, it is more specialized for the maintenance staff of a local elevator manufacturer to communicate with the customer or to install and repair the technology. Many times in many local elevator manufacturers can only be contacted and the timing of subsequent repairs, etc., is unknown. Do they send out messages in advance and keep you updated when you can expect them? These are all important things to ask and consider! Also, ask about their scheduling window to avoid a time-wasting situation.

  4. Is the equipment safe?

    All elevator technicians at your service should be employees of the manufacturer and have a clear understanding of the structural features of the elevators their company produces to be able to properly fix and prevent your elevator from breaking down. Many local lift manufacturers hire technicians who appear to be knowledgeable but are not properly trained or outsource their teams to fix your elevator correctly the first time and keep it running for a long time. You also need to make sure that your local elevator manufacturer is a trusted brand, such as Otis, Hosting Elevator, etc. These local liftmanufacturers make the right tools to fix your elevator right the first time and keep it in top condition. If your elevator repair technicians don't use or know about these brands, it's time to move on to a more trusted local lift manufacturer.


Strategies for working with a local lift manufacturer

Next, we give you 3 tips for working with a local lift manufacturer that we hope will be helpful to you.

  1. Re-evaluate your elevator service contract

    You may be surprised to learn that in many cases you will be charged for unaccepted service, premature modernization, unavailable parts, unnecessary repairs, redundant service calls and interrupted/repaired maintenance, often at a significant cost.

    And in general, regular inspections are not enough to ensure that your equipment meets industry standards. Building owners and managers must actually enforce their service contracts and ensure that necessary maintenance is performed.

  2. Include project goals and accountability measures in your elevator contract

    Customers typically implement many rules governing their use - owner's rules and regulations, insurance requirements, building safety codes, etc. It is relatively easy to include the requirements of the elevator service provider in these policies.

    We recommend that you enter into a service contract with your local lift manufacturer that includes terms and conditions that are consistent with the customer and their operational needs. This contract should include key performance indicators and service level agreement clauses that hold the local lift manufacturer accountable for errors and gaps in service.

  3. Keep detailed records during performance

    Customers can monitor your partner service providers. Building-owned data, which contains detailed information on all aspects of your equipment, including detailed field service and repair records and all historical records, is available to ensure your own interests.


Choose the best local lift manufacturer

At Hosting Elevator, we have decades of experience developing and manufacturing elevators to provide you with a high level, multi-spec elevator, escalator and more. We have multiple offices and locations overseas to provide our customers with fast response and complete after-sales service.

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