Machine Room Less Elevator: What You Need to Know


In recent years, the development of the elevator industry has changed from machine-room elevators in the past to machine-room-less elevators. The MRL elevator is not a simple partial improvement to the traditional elevator of the past, but a major change in elevator technology. This is because some key technologies used in machine-room-less elevators will be applied to other elevator products, driving the development of the whole elevator industry. So today we will discuss what is a machine-room-less elevator.


What is a machine-room-less elevator

A machine-room-less elevator is an elevator that does not require an enclosed special room for the installation of the main elevator drive, control cabinet, speed limiter and other equipment. In order to save space, the machine room-less elevator installs the control cabinet, main unit, speed limiter and other equipment that used to be installed in the machine room above the shaft in the shaft instead, eliminating the special machine room setting and effectively increasing the floor space utilization rate while reducing the construction cost. The small gearless mainframe and 2:1 traction system are used for transportation, eliminating the noise in the machine room caused by traditional gear meshing. The thin control cabinet is installed in the shaft near the first floor, so that installation and commissioning, data reading and writing, daily maintenance and passenger rescue can be carried out quickly and conveniently through off-hall access while effectively waterproofing, and the minimum thickness of 130 mm saves the maximum space in the shaft.

Since mrl elevators do not have a machine room, their control system has higher flexibility, convenience and reliability compared with ordinary elevators.


Advantages of machine-room-less elevators

  • The characteristics of machine-room-less elevators are as follows.

    1. The main machine, drive cabinet and control cabinet of mrl elevator are installed in the upper part of the shaft, so there is no need for a special machine room, which has great advantages in terms of beautiful appearance compared with traditional elevators.
    2. The high reliability of machine room-less elevator operation and its luxurious configuration make it suitable for various high-grade office buildings, star hotels, hotels, hospitals, exhibition centers, fashionable residential communities and other occasions.
  • Its outstanding advantages are shown as follows.

    1. Green and environmental protection, no need for special machine room for elevator, saving space and cost.
    2. Low vibration, low noise, stable and reliable.
    3. High efficiency and energy saving.


Difference between machine-room-less elevators and elevators with machine rooms

  • Advantages of mrl elevators compared with machine-room elevators

    1. The advantage of mrl is space saving.

    2. Since machine room is not needed, it has greater benefits for building structure and cost, which makes the building design more flexible and convenient. At the same time, since machine room is eliminated, the building cost of mrl elevator is lower than that of machine-room elevator for the owner.

    3. Machine room-less elevators can solve the problem of elevator installation within the effective height, because it is not necessary to set up a separate elevator machine room, which can effectively reduce the height of the building. At the same time, for places where it is not convenient to set up elevator machine rooms, it can well alleviate the space problem of the building itself for the installation of elevators, such as the retrofitting of old buildings.

  • Disadvantages of machine-room-less elevators compared with machine-room elevators

    1. Noiseless room is obviously bigger than elevator with machine room.

    2. The comfort of elevator without machine room is obviously weaker than that of elevator with machine room.

    3. Limitation of elevator speed in mrl elevators. The mrl elevator is not applicable to the high-speed elevator type above 1.75m/s.

    4. The load capacity of elevator with machine room is also significantly better than that of elevator without machine room.

    5. The heat dissipation function of mrl elevator is worse than that of machine-room elevator. Especially the fully transparent sightseeing elevator is not suitable for the installation of mrl elevator, the heat gathered in the elevator in summer cannot be discharged, and the elevator failure increases.

    6. The traction machine and control cabinet are set in the machine room, which is convenient for maintenance.



The machine-room-less elevator is constantly making up for the disadvantages in the continuous technical innovation, which makes the machine-room-less elevator more and more popular, and more and more elevator manufacturers are accelerating the development of more excellent machine-room-less elevators. If you have more questions or are looking for a machine-room-less elevator manufacturer, you can check out hosting's products or contact us to talk to our R&D team.


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