Real Estate Company's Guide to Buying an Elevator: 9 Dos and Don'ts


As buildings go up, real estate companies have to consider the question, how to choose the right elevator? The right and quality elevator can be a great way to enhance the value and user experience of a property. So as a real estate company, how should you choose an elevator manufacturer and supplier? Please read this guide, we will provide you with 9 important tips.


Considerations for purchasing elevators

1.Determination of elevator type

At the beginning of the planning period of the building, the use of the building should be clearly defined, because the type of elevator used in buildings with different uses according to hotels, office buildings, hospitals, houses or industrial and mining enterprises often differs greatly, and once it is determined, it is very troublesome to change it again. After the use of the building is determined, passenger flow analysis is made according to the building area, floor (height), the flow of people in and out, and the location of the elevator in the building, so as to determine the speed of the elevator (the minimum speed should meet the requirements of fire-fighting forced landing), the load capacity (the load in the elevator car when it is fully loaded), the number of elevator units required, the type of machine room (large machine room, small machine room, no machine room), and the type of traction machine (traditional turbine vortex and New permanent magnet synchronous). 2.

2.Procurement time

It is recommended to start the procurement right after the planning approval. After the type of elevator, speed, load capacity, number of units, number of stops, total travel height, etc. are determined, the architectural design department can be commissioned to design the blueprints, and for the part of elevator civil construction (mainly elevator shaft), the design department usually provides standard civil construction drawings of the same type by professional elevator manufacturers and combines them with different structures of elevator shafts of buildings, such as brick structure, concrete structure, brick and concrete structure or steel structure, etc. Drawings of elevator civil construction. This kind of dimensional consideration is common and can meet the needs of general manufacturers. However, there are still differences in the design dimensions of the shaft, machine room and pit requirements of different elevator manufacturers. If the manufacturers are determined in advance and the design is carried out according to the drawings of the selected manufacturers, it can reduce the waste of space used and also reduce the trouble of future construction. If the shaft is large, it is a waste of area; if the shaft is small, some manufacturers simply cannot meet it and have to produce it according to non-standard, which increases the cost a lot.

3.Choose the right elevator manufacturer

There are many elevator companies in the world, and there are many elevator manufacturers in China. Elevators are also worth every penny. According to your own budget and project positioning choose basically the same grade of units to bid. You can also choose a large area, and eventually determine which grade according to the degree of difference. Elevators also have dealers and agents, the price will be high, but the strength of the strong can advance. Usually choose the manufacturer, so that the quality is guaranteed, the service can find the root, but the payment terms are more demanding. Industry practice is to require an advance payment, full payment or basic payment before shipment. Elevator factory should be necessary business license, elevator production license, its construction department construction industry enterprise grade qualification, installation safety approval certificate and other supporting documents.

4.Elevator function selection and decoration function matching

Every elevator factory has elevator function table, and the purchasing personnel should understand its function. Some functions are mandatory, so they cannot be left behind. Some functions are necessary for the elevator and will be available without selection. Some functions are auxiliary, not necessary, and can be optional. Select the function according to the project positioning. The more features, the higher the price, in fact, not necessarily practical. Especially the barrier-free elevator function, residential projects, there is no mandatory requirements in the completion of acceptance, the usual practice is not to be considered, for the stretcher elevator, design specifications have mandatory requirements. For public construction projects, barrier-free function should be considered complete. Elevator button arrangement, to consider the convenience, beautiful, but also consider the Chinese and foreigners on some numbers of sensitivity, 13, 14, etc. more letters instead. When bidding, the elevator manufacturer is required to quote for various options for reference when finalizing the bid selection.

5.Determination of elevator price

All prices of elevator project should include: all equipment prices, transportation costs, tariffs (into the ladder), insurance, installation fees, commissioning fees and the manufacturer's commitment to the owner of pre-sales, after-sales warranty and other related costs, but it should be noted here that in the construction department of the manufacturer to the property owner has been installed and accepted, and qualified elevator, some late costs should be borne by the owner, such as elevator registration fees, installation and acceptance inspection fee, fire fighting (equipment) inspection fee, annual inspection fee of elevator, etc. The above-mentioned costs, supply and demand sides should be implemented in the contract as far as possible, in writing to clarify the responsibilities of both sides is the best way to avoid disputes. When bidding, the elevator manufacturer is required to report the price of wearing parts and maintenance costs, this sector involves the future use of operating costs, the property company is more concerned.

6.Delivery time

Owners for their own building construction progress, you can ask the production of elevator manufacturers to specify the supply date, now the general manufacturer supply period takes 2 and a half to 4 months, and the general building elevator equipment in the building is best in the building has been topped, about to remove the outdoor crane before the appropriate, if the goods arrive before this, is bound to occur storage and storage problems, and after this will appear secondary lifting, handling and other costs. Usually the elevator factory will have a certain time free storage period, more than this time is not shipped, the factory will charge a certain fee.

7.Installation and construction handover

Interface division elevator installation and general contracting construction units (civil construction and installation), fire fighting units, weak electrical units are closely related, the interface between each other should be agreed clearly, the construction process to make a good handover.

8.Installation of elevator

A good elevator, to control the following 3 main links (also known as 3 stages), first of all, the quality of the elevator equipment product, which requires the elevator manufacturer to its products production quality assurance; because the elevator belongs to the special equipment, with production certificate of the enterprise production quality usually will not have major problems, only durability, stability must be different. Secondly, we should pay attention to the installation and commissioning process level, the installation quality is very important, each elevator factory installation team is basically their own or long-term cooperation, there are also assessments, commissioning is generally arranged by the elevator factory is responsible for a dedicated person. Third, after-sales service, now there is a professional maintenance team responsible for the elevator sold, the elevator factory will sign a maintenance contract with the property company, which ensures the continuity of the work of the elevator factory. The maintenance management is reasonable and timely to ensure the quality of the use of the elevator. Therefore, the state issued a red-headed document by the Ministry of Construction as early as in the early 1990s, which clearly stipulates that the elevator products adopt the "one-stop" service mode by the manufacturer, that is, the elevator manufacturer is responsible for the warranty, installation and commissioning, and maintenance of the elevator equipment produced by itself.

9.Acceptance of elevators

Elevator is a special equipment, the State Technical Supervision Bureau has acceptance procedures, but usually is responsible for safety, acceptance is also a walk in the park. Therefore, owners and supervisory units, should strictly carry out unpacking and acceptance, process monitoring, concealed acceptance, functional acceptance, etc. Be sure to accept item by item according to the elevator acceptance standards and the functions determined in the contract, an elevator an elevator acceptance.


Important tips for elevator selection

1.Nnumber of elevators

The selection of elevator quantity mainly depends on the estimation of passenger flow, and the accurate analysis of passenger flow in different buildings requires a lot of statistical information, which is not available at present. Different designers tend to make estimates based on their own experience.

Residential: 70 households/stage for tower type residential, 100 households/stage for panel type residential, three elevators are appropriate for more than 20 floors

Hotel: the number of passenger elevator is 100 rooms/set; the number of service elevator is considered by 1/3 of the passenger elevator

Office building: according to the construction area of 5000m2/set or according to the number of office workers 250 people/set.

2.Choice of speed

Increasing the speed of the elevator can shorten the average travel time and improve the service level of the elevator, which depends on the service level required by the building and the height of the building itself. The increase in speed may make the cost of the elevator increase significantly. For residential buildings, only 1m/s elevator is generally considered for multi-story residential buildings, 1.5m/s is considered for towers or slabs of 10 to 16 floors, and 2m/s is considered for 16 to 22 floors; for office buildings, elevators of about 2m/s are considered for buildings of 20 to 25 floors, and elevator speeds of 25 to 50 floors can be increased by 0.5m/s for each additional 5 to 6 floors of height.

3.Selection of load capacity

Overloading is something prohibited by the elevator, and the load capacity of the elevator is the primary weight transported by the elevator, and the selection of this parameter directly restricts the service capacity of the elevator. For high-rise houses and apartments, it is appropriate to be larger than 13 people; for office buildings, it is appropriate to be larger than 18 people; for large shopping malls, it is appropriate to be larger than 21 people.

4.Key parameters should be marked

In the elevator procurement bidding documents, in addition to the above-mentioned main parameters, the following parameters should also be specified: civil construction requirements of the elevator, such as plan layout, machine room location, hall door size, cabin decoration, etc.; the use of the elevator should also be specified, including stopping layer, travel, service floor, etc.; rated parameters of the elevator, such as rated speed, load, operating system, control system, leveling accuracy, etc.; power requirements of the elevator, lighting requirements, communication requirements, etc.

5.Strict requirements for installation

The quality of installation project directly determines whether the elevator can operate normally. An elevator with good manufacturing quality cannot work normally if the installation quality is not good, while good installation quality can often make up for or improve certain shortcomings in the manufacturing of elevators.

All countries have elevator installation specifications, in addition, when the building floor in the 10 floors below the small-scale elevator installation project requires enterprises to be equipped with 3 to 4 qualified technical workers, and should be equipped with auxiliary workers such as starters, welders, erectors and tilers, among which there should be two electricians above the intermediate level as the person in charge. Elevator car and door is the face of the whole elevator, these decoration standards are clearly expressed in the bidding documents to avoid tug of war, general elevator car decoration for hairline stainless steel can be, without excessive pursuit of car decoration, increase unnecessary expenditure. In addition, because most elevator manufacturers have to directly participate in the construction, it is necessary to clarify the payment method of various installation details when signing the contract, such as the construction commissioning electricity fee and scaffolding installation fee of the shaft, etc.



Choosing a suitable elevator company is very important for real estate companies. As a necessary part of a high-rise building, elevators need to consider many important factors. We hope this guide can help you. Feel free to check out our products or contact us.

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