The City Development Promotes the Development of Car Elevator

With the city's higher building, people can live more and more high. To climb high stairs every day will be very uncomfortable and tired. In order to facilitate the travel of people, the elevator also gradually comes into the our field of vision, and even become a necessary equipment for the skyscrapers.

An elevator  is a vertical conveyor  driven by motor, equipped with a box shaped pod, used for passengers or cargoes in multi-storied building . It also has the steplike elevator, with which the step plates installed on the track keep moving, commonly known as automatic elevator. It is the fixed lifting equipment served for the specified floor . So the cargo carrying  elevator is called a cargo elevator.
 Cargo elevator is a large mechanical and electrical equipment of mechanical and electrical integration ,owning high.automation degree. Scientific maintenance can greatly prolong its service life.  Elevator as a  precise modern transportation tool, no matter how excellent its product quality is, it is impossible for it without wear and tear.For a qualified new cargo elevator passing through the installation and debugging ,after it is delivered for use and whether it can have  the safe and reliable operation, the key  lies in the building user's safety management,perfect maintenance and rational use for the cargo elevator.The function of the cargo elevator can be affected because of the characteristic of the work, normal wear and tear of the equipment, electrical aging and improper use, so we can say "the cargo elevator is three points in use, seven points on maintenance". The maintenance of cargo elevator is like cars, we all know that we should maintain periodically to guarantee the safety performance of the car.

The human development is in an infinite process, but the development of the city is in a limited space. The three-dimensional between the urban construction and urban transportation is correspondence and mutual generation. To solve the problem of urban  three-dimensional transportation, the car elevator comes to reality from dream . Car elevator is a kind of special elevator to solve the problem of car vertical transportation. As important car vertical transportation tools, compared with the traditional car ramp, car elevator can save the construction area of 80% and  obtain  the vehicle turnover efficiency of more than two times . In the special equipment directory,it belongs to one kind of cargo elevator. It has been more and more widely used in automobile 4 s shop and maintenance shop, the shopping malls, supermarkets  where  threr is a  parking lot on their roofs.There are many car elevator suppliers on the market,surpassing the cargo elevator supplier in some area.

At present ,there are two main types of widely used car elevator.
 (1) Hydraulic car elevator. It occupies an area in the low-rise building ,relying on its safety and reliablity and convenient machine room setting. Among them,many elevators have specially designed capsules for cars, some even have optional photoelectric door system, is more suitable for car use. (2) The car elevator of the traction type . Most of the cities in our country, the ownership of the car elevator is still the traditional car elevator of traction type, this type of elevator is developed from traction type elevator, with its mature technology, the advantages of low cost, occupying a certain market share.

Under the background of the modern city scale is getting bigger, the car elevator for carring car service  also have broad prospects for development. Comparatively speaking, the car elevator of traction type is developed from the technology of the traditional traction type cargo elevator, at present it can basicly meet the demands of the  three-dimensional development of the modern city , but in the long run,as the hydraulic car elevator has the layout convenience ,energy conservation, environmental protection, it  can adapt to the development trend of the future car elevators.

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