What is a Machine Room-less Elevator(MRL Elevator)


The machine room-less elevator is not a simple partial improvement of the traditional elevator in the past, but a major change in elevator technology. This is because some of the key technologies it uses will be promoted and applied to other elevator products, thereby driving the technological progress of the entire elevator industry.

Introduction of Machine Room Less Elevator

Machine room-less elevators refer to elevators that do not require a building to provide a closed special machine room for installing elevator drive hosts, control cabinets, speed limiters and other equipment.


The Main Components

Elevator host

Nowadays, almost all elevators without machine room in the world use permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machines. But it can be divided into a dish shape, square shape and barrel shape.


Control cabinet

The control part of the machine room-less elevator is the same as that of the machine room elevator, except that it adopts new components and the latest drag control system technology. The parts can be installed more compactly, and the volume of the control cabinet is compressed so that it can be installed in the hoistway or Embedded in the hoistway wall.

The speed limiter is installed in the hoistway, but the linkage test of the dynamic lifting safety gear can be carried out outside the hoistway, and the mechanical and electrical parts can be ensured to reset after the action.


Car and load capacity

Because the traction machine of the machine-roomless elevator is relatively small, the moment of inertia of the entire system is required to be as small as possible while ensuring the friction factor, that is, the weight of the car should be controlled within a certain range, and the load of the car should not be greater than 1000kg, the decorative weight of the car is generally not more than 100kg.


Features of Machine Room Less Elevators

The features of machine room-less elevators are as follows:

The machine room, drive cabinet and control cabinet of the machine-roomless elevator are installed on the upper part of the hoistway and do not require a dedicated machine room. Compared with the traditional elevator, it has a great advantage in terms of its beautiful appearance.

The high reliability of machine room-less elevator operation and its luxurious configuration make it suitable for various high-end office buildings, star hotels, hotels, hospitals, exhibition centres, fashionable residential districts and other occasions.

Green and environmental protection, no special elevator machine room is needed, saving space and cost.

Low vibration, low noise, stable and reliable.

High efficiency and energy saving.


The Development History of Machine Room Less Elevators

In possibly the 1950s, Pickerings invented the first machine room less elevator, the Pickerings Econolift. Possibly in the mid-1970s, the Pickerings Econolift was discontinued.

In 1996, Kone launched the world's first MRL elevator system "Kone MonoSpace" along with its signature hoisting machine "EcoDisc". The EcoDisc machine is shaped like a big green round disk. Soon, many rival companies began to make their own MRL products due to the popularity of Kone's MonoSpace elevator.

More history of MRL elevator


Installation Plan of Elevator Without Machine Room

Top-mounted type: the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine is placed on the top of the hoistway with a traction ratio of 2:1, and the winding method is more complicated;

Bottom-mounted type: the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine is placed at the bottom of the hoistway, the traction ratio is 2:1, and the winding method is more complicated;

Car top drive type: Place the traction machine on the top of the car;

Counterweight drive type: Place the traction machine on the counterweight.


MRL Elevator Company

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