What should I pay attention to when purchasing a passenger elevator?

 According to your use of the building, size, height, layout and use of other features, develop elevator configuration program. Including the number of elevators, speed, load capacity, group control methods such as elevator elevator technical requirements summary of the classification of the elevator l by use: 1. Passenger Elevator TK 2. Loading elevator. Passenger and freight lift TL 4. Bed elevator. Residential elevator TZ 6. Debris elevator TW area of ​​the bottom ≤ 1M2, the depth of ≤ 1M, each cell height ≤ 1.2M 7. Marine lift. Sightseeing elevator TG 9. Speed ​​ladder V 1.0m / s 2. fast ladder 1.0m / S 2.0m / sl According to the traction motor power supply sub-sub- : 1. AC elevator: AC motor-driven elevator. 2. DC elevator: DC motor-driven elevator. L By gear unit classification 1. There are gear elevators: for low speed and fast ladder. 2. Gearless elevator: for high-speed ladder. L According to the driving way: 1. Wire rope type 2. Hydraulic type l by room location by sub-l control points: 1. Handle switch control, manual door SS 2. Handle switch control, automatic door SZ 3. Button control, manual door AS 4. Button control, automatic door AZ 5. Signal control XH 6. Selective Control
    7. Parallel control BL 8. Group control QK 9. Computer processing, centralized control JXW Second, the elevator traction drive 1. Wire rope around the law (1) 1: 1 around the law car lift and wire speed the same speed. The force of the wire rope is equal to the sum of the suspended weights. (2) 2: 1 around the law car lift speed is half the speed of steel wire rope. The force of the wire rope is equal to half of the total weight of the suspension. 2. (1) Full-wound type Each wire rope is wound twice on the traction sheave, and two corresponding rope grooves are required. (2) half-wound Each wire rope in the traction wheel only around once, only a corresponding rope groove. Half-winding elevator, traction rope in the traction wheel on the maximum angle of 180 °, generally not less than 150 °. Third, the motor l stator and rotor temperature rise does not exceed 25 ℃. Stator and rotor clearance 1mm. L Axial movement of the motor is not more than 3mm. L bearing temperature does not exceed 80 ℃. L The rated voltage fluctuates within ± 7%. L No-load current in the motor phase and the three-phase average deviation of not more than 10% of the average. L Traction motor amplitude and axial movement allowable value: amplitude allowable value: 1000 r / min: ≤ 0.13mm. 750 rpm: ≤ 0.16 mm. Axial run: 10kw: 0.5mm. 10-20kw: 0.74mm. 30kw or more: 1.0mm. Fourth, the brake was electric brake immediately l, immediately brake power loss. L The electromagnetic force should be greater than the braking force. L tile gate and brake wheel contact area should be greater than 80% of tile gate area. L When the brake is released, the gap between the brake and the brake wheel should be 0.3 ~ 0.5mm and not more than 0.7mm. L brake coil normal temperature rise below 60 ℃, the maximum does not exceed 85 ℃. L The brake shaft lock wear should be replaced if it exceeds 5% of the original diameter or the ellipticity exceeds 0.5mm. L brake tiles wear the original thickness of 1/4 should be replaced. Fifth, the traction wheel l material requirements: wear, elongation, friction coefficient, the general use of ductile iron. L rope groove type: (1) semi-circular groove: the friction coefficient is small, for the whole-winding elevator. The wrap angle is greater than 330 °. (2) semi-circular groove cutting speed: friction is moderate, for half-winding elevator. Package angle should be greater than 135 °. (3) V-groove: friction, not commonly used, and sometimes used in the cargo elevator.
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