6 Reasons for Choosing MRL Elevator


First introduced in the 1990s, more and more elevator manufacturers are following and developing machine-room-less elevators. These elevators are increasingly replacing traditional gear-traction elevators in people's homes.


What is a machine-room-less elevator

As is clear from the name, machine-room-less elevators do not have a separate space to house the motor and associated systems that allow the elevator to operate. A machine-room-less elevator is an elevator that does not require an enclosed dedicated machine room to install equipment such as the elevator's main drive, control cabinet, and speed limiter. In order to save space, the machine-room-less elevator replaces the control cabinet, main drive, speed limiter and other equipment originally installed in the machine room above the shaft with equipment installed in the shaft, eliminating the need for a special machine room setup and effectively saving space.

1. Space Saving

This is the most obvious benefit of installing a machine-room-less elevator in your home. The absence of a traditional traction machine room means a simpler structure. This eliminates the need for roof access. You also don't need a large cornice on the roof. All of this means a simpler installation process, less construction work, and more space savings.


2. No Hydraulic Oil Required

The use of oil in elevators has long been an environmental issue. Such elevators also carry the risk of oil leaks and spills. Installing an MRL elevator can help solve these problems. Even with new hydraulic fluids made from biomass, which is safer for the environment, spills and leaks are still a concern for homeowners and business owners, and MRL elevators do not use oil, thus preventing all such potential problems.


3. More Energy Savings

As mentioned earlier, installing an MRL elevator helps to significantly reduce energy consumption. In fact, energy savings can be as high as 50% compared to traditional hydraulic elevators. This means that if you replace your old elevator with a new MRL, your operating costs can be cut in half.


4. Safe and Reliable

Machine roomless elevators are not only safe and reliable, but they also run smoothly. They are as comfortable and safe as traditional overhead traction elevators, if not more so. When these elevators were first introduced, there was concern that they would rival traditional elevators in terms of durability and safety. But with all the benefits they offer, they are growing in popularity.


5. Lower Installation Costs

In addition to saving on operating costs, machine-room-less elevators are often cheaper and faster to install. This is because you eliminate the extra work of creating separate rooms.

There is also the argument that MRL elevators are less expensive to maintain because they have fewer parts. However, depending on access, it seems that it is difficult to access the machines in an MRL elevator, which then makes the job slightly more complicated.


6. Scope Considerations

The most important reason for not installing a machine room elevator is scope. If you are managing or developing a building over 250 feet tall, then an MRL elevator is unlikely to be the right choice. However, for low to mid-rise buildings, they are quickly becoming the elevator of choice due to the cost, space and time advantages outlined here.

With the development of machine-room-less elevators and the increasing number of home elevators of this type, with the above reasons, machine-room-less elevators are sure to be the most suitable choice. If you have more questions or are looking for a machine-roomless elevator manufacturer, you can check out Hosting's home elevator offerings or contact us to speak with our R&D team.


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