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Are you recently looking for a professional elevator manufacturer to expand your business? Then this article can help you to understand the elevators in China clearly and give some valuable opinions. Please read with patience!

What elevator and how does it work?

Elevator (US and Canada) or lift (UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ, India, South Africa, and Nigeria) is a type of vertical transportation machine that moves people or freight between floors, levels, or decks of a building, vessel, or other structure.

There are also some elevators which can go sideways in addition to the usual up-and-down motion.

working principle

The two ends of the traction rope are connected to the car and the weight, winding in the traction wheel and guide wheel, the traction motor through the gearbox speed after driving the traction wheel rotation, by the traction of the traction generated by friction between the traction rope and the traction wheel, to achieve the car and heavy lifting movement, to achieve the purpose of transport.

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What are the types of elevators in China?

Different types of elevators are set up depending on the height, use and passenger flow of the building. The basic classification method of the elevator in China is as follows.

Classified by elevator use

Passenger Elevator: Elevator designed for transporting passengers requires perfect safety facilities and certain interior decoration.

Cargo elevator: A lift designed primarily for the transportation of goods, usually accompanied by a person.

Medical elevator: for the transport of beds, stretchers, medical vehicles designed elevator, the car has long and narrow characteristics.

Miscellaneous elevator: for libraries, office buildings, restaurants to transport books, documents, food, and other design elevators.

Sightseeing elevator: The car wall is transparent, for passengers to use the elevator for sightseeing.

Vehicle Elevator: Used as an elevator for the transport of vehicles.

Ship Elevator: Elevators used on ships.

Construction Elevator: Elevator for Construction and Maintenance.

It types of elevators, in addition to the above-mentioned common elevators, there are some special-purpose elevators, such as cold storage elevators, explosion-proof elevators, mine elevators, power station elevators, firefighter elevators, ramp elevators, nuclear island elevators and so on.

Classified by the way the elevator is driven

AC elevator: Elevator with AC induction motor as the driving force. According to the drag, the model can be divided into AC single speed, AC two-speed, AC pressure control speed, AC variable voltage frequency control and so on.

DC Elevator: Elevator is driven by DC motor. This type of elevator is generally rated at more than 2.00m/s.

Hydraulic elevator: generally use an electric pump to drive liquid flow, by the plunger to lift the elevator.

Gear rack elevator: the rail stops into a bar, the car is fitted with the gear meshing with the rack, the motor drives the gear rotation so that the car lift elevator.

Screw elevator: the straight-top elevator plunger into a rectangular thread, and then the large nut with thrust bearing strapped to the top of the cylinder, and then through the motor through the gearbox (or belt) to drive the nut rotation, so that the screw-top lift car rise or fall elevator.

A linear motor-driven elevator whose power source is a linear motor.

The elevator came out in the early days, once used steam engine, internal combustion engine as a power directly drive the elevator, is now basically extinct.

Classified by elevator speed

Elevators do not have a strict speed classification, China is customary according to the following methods of classification.

Low-speed ladder: Often refers to an elevator below 1.00m/s speed.

Medium speed ladder: often refers to the speed of 2.00 to 5.00m/s elevator.

High-speed ladder: often refers to the speed of more than 5.00 to 10.00m/s elevator.

Super-high-speed ladder: Elevators with speeds over 10.00m/s.

With the continuous development of elevator technology, elevator speed is getting higher and higher, the speed limit of high, medium and low-speed elevators is also increasing accordingly.

Recommendations for buying Chinese elevators

There are many elevator manufacturers and companies in China. How to choose an elevator, we have given some suggestions.

Determine the type of elevator

Because of the different uses of office buildings, hospitals, houses, and factories, the ladders, configurations, and functions used often vary widely. At the same time, passenger flow must be analyzed based on factors such as building area, floors, staff flow, and the location of elevators in the building Determine the speed, load, and number of elevators.

Elevator Civil Construction

Once you know the elevator type, load, speed, number of units, stops, and travel height, you can commission the architectural design department to design a blueprint. At this time, the design department will use the same type of standard civil engineering drawings provided by professional elevator manufacturers to draw the elevator civil engineering drawings in combination with different building elevator shafts.

Chinese elevator manufacturer

Hosting is a well-known elevator manufacturer in China and one of the top ten elevator companies in China.

Hosting is a professional elevator and escalator manufacturer that combines development, manufacture, installation, and maintenance. 27 years of professional experience. In various types of automotive elevators, freight elevators, industrial elevators, passenger elevators, home elevators, and assistive features products have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

services include:

Elevator maintenance assessment

Custom maintenance agreements

Modern services are also available for each elevator.

Object of service:

  • Architect
  • Contractors
  • Elevator Agent
  • Building owners
  • Property Manager
  • Elevator Company


The above is the information about elevators in China, if you are looking for elevator manufacturers in China. Please login

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