How to choose the passenger elevator?

1. Purchase before the need to pay attention to several points: first of all to determine the location of the building, followed by determining the flow of people, the third is to consider the waiting time, the fourth is to determine the elevator speed and load capacity.
In security, we must consider whether the two-way security requirements, followed by the buffer form, and the third is how the first aid after power failure.
The most upscale elevator selection requirement is in 30 seconds to reach the top floor; in the high-end buildings in 40 seconds to reach the top floor; mid-range construction in 45 seconds to reach the top floor.
According to this calculation, you can use your building height can be divided by the speed of the choice of speed. Followed by the flow of people to determine: In general, the office traffic, so the elevator needs to be considered from the group control from the number and speed of the elevator to meet the needs of the integrated consideration; hotels generally use parallel and group control approach, it also To consider the number of rooms and star hotel standard. In the lower three-star general following two parallel basically meet the needs.
As the office and the hotel are running in nature, so need to consider from the energy-saving and safety of elevator products. Passengers in front of the domestic elevator energy-saving passenger elevator to meet 2.5M / S requirements, that is, if the high-end office is 90 meters are sufficient to meet the following. The hotel is also able to meet the following 15-story four-star hotel requirements. Energy-efficient elevators are important for the management company that operates, and can generally save one-third of their electricity consumption over conventional lifts. As the passenger elevators than residential elevators, so the decoration must have requirements, the general car using etching stainless steel, 1.2M can also use the following different with the above decoration. The general standard of the first floor is the standard French stainless steel, then the first floor of the passenger elevator and car decoration for the match better. While the passenger elevator layer is generally used in the form of the door gates is the choice of most customers.
2. Which elevator brands are more assured that the current market, all kinds of brands of elevators have, and even assembled elevators, there are actually elevator fake, a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and safety. All, buy the elevator if the economic conditions permitting, try to use a second-tier brand of the elevator. First-line brand elevator, such as Otis Elevator Company (Otis Elevator), Schindler Group (Switzerland Schindler Elevator), Kone Group (Finland Kone Elevator), ThyssenKrupp Elevator (Germany ThyssenKrupp Elevator), Mitsubishi Electric Group (Japan's Mitsubishi Elevator), Hitachi Metropolitan Development Systems Group (Hitachi Elevator), Fujitec Co., Ltd. (Japan Fujitsu Elevator), Toshiba Elevator Co., Ltd. (Toshiba Elevator) are good world brands . Second-tier brand elevators, more representative of the following Xunda (China), Sini Elevator (Germany), the giant KONE Elevator, Shanghai Yongda Elevator, Kang Li Elevator.
Here to mention is that, because the first-line brand is a world brand, even if not all imported parts, the price relative to the second-tier brands to be much higher, the price gap in the case of the same configuration at least in the general 50 000 -10 million Between the need to mention here is that second-tier brands generally higher cost, the same quality guaranteed, it can be said with the configuration of the situation with the first-line brand is no different, in the second-tier brands, the higher cost when Is a Sini elevator, Kang Li lift. According to cost-effective to rank, one from high to low, followed by: Sini Elevator, Xixi Schindler, Shanghai Yongda, Kang Li Elevator, the giant KONE.
Customers can according to their own needs, multi-seeking price, more contrast, is the so-called shop around to find their own want to lift the brand and products.
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